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Preferred Employers of Echo Park at Perry Crossing

Echo Park Preferred Employers

Echo Park not only offers residents a wonderful community to live in, but its location is also a big plus. Echo Park is conveniently located only 4 minutes off of I70 and 9 minutes off of I-465! With this amazing location, it makes it easy for residents to commute to work. And with such a convenient location and a number of residents who work nearby, Echo Park management identified some major employers in the area and have decided to provide discounts to employees of said companies. This discount includes a waiving of the application fee and administration fees after move-in and 6-months of free Wi-Fi!

Military, Firefighters, Police, & US Postal Workers

Active-duty servicemen and women are able to receive the preferred employer discounts as well as spouses and other members of the immediate family. This also includes anyone working in the police force, for the fire department, and the US Postal Service. Eligibility for discount can be decided by Echo Park management. Identification required.

IU Health West Hospital

With close to 30,000 employees throughout the entire organization, IU Health West in Avon is the home to a small fraction of these. And located only 13 minutes away, Echo Park is a prime living location for any and all employees of the hospital. Built with providing for the needs and comforts of all patients, visitors, and caregivers, IU Health West is a special place to many within the greater Indianapolis area.


With a fulfillment center located just 5 minutes from Echo Park, Amazon provides our community as well as the surrounding community of Avon with a number of jobs. With a wide array of benefits offered by the company, Amazon is a great place for Echo Park residents to work.

Plainfield School System

With short, 8-minute drives to both the Plainfield middle and high-school, Echo Park provides a prime location for employees and teachers to live and thrive at. Serving children from kindergarten to 12th grade, the Plainfield Public School System provides a 19:1 student to teacher ratio and has one of the highest concentrations of top-ranked public schools in Indiana.


Ingram is a global provider and distributor of information technology products based in Irvine, California. With multiple distribution centers scattered across 6 continents, Echo Park is lucky to have one just a mere 7-minutes from the community. Ingram Mobility, which is the branch located in Avon, is primarily responsible for mobile and data wireless systems.

Indianapolis International Airport & Lift Academy

With the Indianapolis International Airport being only 12 minutes away, Echo Park residents can travel to and from the airport rather quickly if necessary. Not only can they get to the airport for travel quickly, but also for work. IIA is home to the second-largest FedEx Express hub in the world and is ranked as the sixth busiest U.S. airport in terms of air cargo throughput in 2020. Lift Academy, a flight instruction school located on the IIA grounds offers affordable pilot training programs, as well as a direct classroom-to-cockpit opportunity.
With Echo Park being located in such close proximity to a number of warehouses and distribution centers, we are a wonderful community to live within. Not only are we within close proximity to some of these locations, but our community itself is one that prides itself on luxury and close resident relationships.